Online ordering made easy


maximize your sales

Tired of paying commissions on your sales? With Rincon To Go, you pay a low monthly flat-rate for unlimited orders.


All order payments are processed through your Clover Station. No third party will handle your money. Therefore, payments are routed directly to your account.

fast Technical support

If you have any technical issues, we are here in Rincón to assist you as well as a remote customer support center in California. We are an email, phone call, or text message away.

Delivery zones

Offer delivery to your customer at no extra cost to you. You will retain your delivery charges and no commission is due to a third party delivery service for the booking or delivery. You control your delivery fees.

instant order printING

As soon as the customer places their order, it will print on your Clover and kitchen printer.


Our platform is accessible from all iOS, PC and Android devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Track INVENTORY/stock

Sales through our platform will automatically deduct inventory count on your Clover POS.

Frequent Updates

We are constantly adding new features to our platform. If you're seeking for a specific function, chances are we're probably working on it. Contact us with any requests you may have.



Per month
$130 setup fee (one time payment)

  • Unlimited orders
  • Automatic printing on your clover device
  • Full menu synchronization
  • Rincon To Go subdomain (
  • Promotion of your business and specials through our social media platforms
  • No contract
  • No fee per order

Frequently asked questions

All orders and payments are processed directly through Clover. The money from each order will be deposited into your current Clover merchant account.

No. We charge a one time set up fee of $130, and a $60 monthly fee starting the second month.

There is no contract involved. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.

Once the customer places the order, you will receive a notification on your Clover Station and the order will automatically print on both the Clover and kitchen printer. The customer’s name, e-mail address, and phone number will be available on your Clover Station and on each printed ticket.

Yes, our platform and plugin can be integrated into your current website. You will be able to accept orders directly through your website. Contact us for a custom quote.

We are currently working on developing our mobile app to begin tests in the next few weeks.

Our platform is currently exclusive to Clover merchants. Let us know what POS system you use, and we may be able to integrate it into our platform.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.